My 20s were all about an adrenaline-fuelled frenzy of checking destinations off my bucket-list. Trying to pack in multiple countries in week-long holidays, taking flights at unearthly hours, tramping about new cities armed with “10-Best-Things-To-See” guidebooks, a camera and street maps, I tried to squeeze in as much as I possibly could within the holidays allowed me in a year. And as soon as I touched down back in London it was right back to the intense day-to-day grind that paid for these getaways. Having turned the corner on a new decade has made me a lot more introspective and I’ve decided to look back and put down my impressions before they start to fade. As much fun as it has been for me to go over old photos and reminiscence it will hopefully inspire others to visit these destinations as well.

My name is Surabhi, I’m an Indian girl living in London, and I hope you enjoy my site!